Forced to slow down 

It’s funny how your body forces you to slow down. Recently I was on a trip where normally I’d flit all over town doing all the things I want to do, maximizing the small window of time/freedom. This time around I’m approaching the 3rd trimester and whilst I knew I wouldn’t be able to hit it (shopping) the way I normally would, I didn’t anticipate that my body would put a holt on it. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned surviving pregnancy it’s that if I listen to my body things usually go better than if I don’t. So this time round I feel a strange sense of peace knowing I did most of the things I planned. The rest is not that important in the big picture. 


Not my monkeys, not my circus! 

It’s my favourite saying at the moment … “Not my monkeys, not my circus!”. I find that I can use it in all aspects of my life – lol except for when it is my 2 year old monkey and then it is my circus! 

As a working parent I feel that the perspective I bring to my job has shifted considerably from my pre-child self. I’m not sure how describe the shift, perhaps it’s more patience, empathy or understanding… Maybe it’s the ability not to get dragged into drama or avoiding drama completely. 

I joked with a colleague yesterday as we read an email, I said how much do you wish you’d won the lottery last night? She agreed. The response to the email would be “not my monkeys, not my circus” and on that note you’d probably need to pack your things and leave!! Lol 

I guess the reality is i can’t “use it” everyday (out aloud) but if I think it in my head then at least it makes me giggle! Then I get on with the monkey training. 

2 year old tantrums

In the last few weeks we have hit the tantrum zone with full force, I may have been naive to think we might miss it and go straight into the ‘threenager’ but no. 

Tonight’s epic meltdown started after I’d extracted corn that she’d pushed up into her nose and after it was out we spoke about why we don’t put things, even corn up our noses and she gave it another go. 

Seriously corn up your nose kid… What are you doing?? 

So the tantrum was because at this point the remaining corn was removed from her dinner plate. If you heard it you would have thought something utterly terrible had happened. Our neighbours must be wondering! 

The conclusion I’ve come to is, 2 year olds are incredibly complex

Grocery Trolleys

Have you ever found yourself observing what’s in the cart of people in line at the supermarket check out? 

I’m sort of ashamed to say it, but I can’t help but look and make an observation. The area we live in is full of hippys (and I say that in a loving way) so more often than not their carts are full of chickpeas, kale and lentils, it makes us look like total cavemen with all our meat! 

Today I couldn’t help but notice a Dad and his little girl at the shops, I compared their trolley with mine, the cost difference would be 2-3 times the price (mine being more) and while ours was full of fruits, veggies, dairy, wholegrains etc theirs were full of pre-packaged sugar filled snacks. 

It makes me wonder, is it a cost thing? Is it lack of food education? I wondered how does all of that food affect the child – I know as an adult if I was to eat that much sugar and processed foods I’d feel horrible, and for a small person how does that affect their behaviour or concentration at school? 

Isn’t it insane that healthy food costs so much more. And there’s absolutely ways around that, but usually those take organization, planning or an extra stop at a fruit and veg shop. 

It just makes me wonder what kind of education are young people being given in terms of life skills. I’ve often discussed it with my colleagues – imagine if at high school you were taught instead of how to make scones, how to budget and buy groceries within your means and meal plan (with some food education). Imagine if part of your education to send you off into the world included life skills! Wow – that’s an insane idea huh. 

Santa you jerk! 

It’s mid February and my 2.5yr old still has a beef with Santa. 

You would think she would’ve forgotten about it by now, but clearly the scars of not getting a skateboard are still raw. 

I just overheard the bedtime conversation between my husband and Miss 2.5 – Miss 2.5 questioning why Santa forgot her skateboard? And my husbands explanation that by the time he put the scooter and cubby house in the sleigh there was no more room! Miss 2.5 seems to be understanding the logic but is still annoyed.
 Any guesses how long the beef will last? And any tips on how we can avoid Santa bringing one next year? We spend enough time at doctors and dentists as it is without adding skateboard injuries to the mix!! 

Real Mumma’s 

How refreshing are “real” mummas?! I love it when you hear Mums being real with each other. 

Today we were at a 1st birthday party and while the majority of the mums are onto their 2nd or 3rd baby there was one mum there with a 3 month old. I overheared one of the experienced mums give some support by way of sympathizing with how challenging the 3 month stage is and ask the mum directly if she’s had her exhaustion induced “break down” yet? 

I loved hearing a more experience mother put a new mum at ease by normalizing what we all go thru at one time or another. So many people are so intent on putting up these beautiful “walls” of “everything is ok” they forget we are all in the same boat and experiencing very similar things. 

I love REAL MUMS! Let’s all be real or get real. 

2 Year Old Questions … Asylum Seekers

My 2 year old daughter and I were doing our morning commute one day this week when the 8am news came on the radio. I didn’t think much of it, I was driving along listening, but what I didn’t realise is that my 2 year old was listening too. 

The major story was regarding the relocation of asylum seekers to Nauru, including babies and children. Pediatricians had given advice to the government that the children which they had examined who had been in detention in Nauru were some of the most traumatized children they’d ever encountered. 

Shortly after the news, my daughter asked me “mummy where are they sending the babies?” “Why are they doing that?” 

A two year old asking the question. 

As a parent how do you answer that. I’m sure her ears perked up when she heard “baby” because in the context of her life she is surrounded by babies. 

The only quick response I could muster was “I hope they don’t baby”. … 

Everyone has an opinion on what should/shouldn’t be done. But let’s for a moment put our parent hats on. What if this was us? What if our home lands were too dangerous/volitile for us to remain there? What if out of desperation fled to a foreign land then risked being deported to a detention center where our security and safety was once again at risk? 

We are parents. If we allow this to happen to other families how do we justify that to our children? 

What’s in a name? 

I swear I am the most particular person when it comes to names. I put it down to my parents poor choice of mine. No seriously….

So when we were expecting our first baby girl when people asked me what names I like I’d respond with “I like normal, slightly vintage names, think names your grandmas friends might have”. So no made up spellings with extra y’s or x’s, I was thinking normal names that my child won’t have to spell out every time she gets asked her name. Her name was fairly much agreed on early on, although there were a few names that we liked and we’d add to our list along the way. We wanted to see her and see if her name suited her. 

Somewhere around the 4 month mark I was driving to work, listening to the radio and I heard THE NAME on the news. I can even remember where I was in the journey, it was like a massive slap in the face moment. Anyway I added to the list and casually suggested it a few times to the husband, but didn’t want to over invest in it because it was more left of centre than I thought he’d agree to.

Anyway fast forward to 38 weeks and the thought of calling our daughter the name we thought seemed like the worst idea in the world, to the point where the idea totally repulsed me. I mentioned it to my husband and funnily enough, he was feeling the same way. So when she was born we took one look and knew the alternative name was hers. 

22 weeks into this pregnancy and I’m praying that one day soon that I have a name slap in the face moment! The weeks are flying by and we are yet to hear a name that is anywhere as great as the name we chose for our first born, and it’s not like we can have one child with a great name and one with an average one… 

Fingers crossed it happens soon