Real Mumma’s 

How refreshing are “real” mummas?! I love it when you hear Mums being real with each other. 

Today we were at a 1st birthday party and while the majority of the mums are onto their 2nd or 3rd baby there was one mum there with a 3 month old. I overheared one of the experienced mums give some support by way of sympathizing with how challenging the 3 month stage is and ask the mum directly if she’s had her exhaustion induced “break down” yet? 

I loved hearing a more experience mother put a new mum at ease by normalizing what we all go thru at one time or another. So many people are so intent on putting up these beautiful “walls” of “everything is ok” they forget we are all in the same boat and experiencing very similar things. 

I love REAL MUMS! Let’s all be real or get real. 

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