Grocery Trolleys

Have you ever found yourself observing what’s in the cart of people in line at the supermarket check out? 

I’m sort of ashamed to say it, but I can’t help but look and make an observation. The area we live in is full of hippys (and I say that in a loving way) so more often than not their carts are full of chickpeas, kale and lentils, it makes us look like total cavemen with all our meat! 

Today I couldn’t help but notice a Dad and his little girl at the shops, I compared their trolley with mine, the cost difference would be 2-3 times the price (mine being more) and while ours was full of fruits, veggies, dairy, wholegrains etc theirs were full of pre-packaged sugar filled snacks. 

It makes me wonder, is it a cost thing? Is it lack of food education? I wondered how does all of that food affect the child – I know as an adult if I was to eat that much sugar and processed foods I’d feel horrible, and for a small person how does that affect their behaviour or concentration at school? 

Isn’t it insane that healthy food costs so much more. And there’s absolutely ways around that, but usually those take organization, planning or an extra stop at a fruit and veg shop. 

It just makes me wonder what kind of education are young people being given in terms of life skills. I’ve often discussed it with my colleagues – imagine if at high school you were taught instead of how to make scones, how to budget and buy groceries within your means and meal plan (with some food education). Imagine if part of your education to send you off into the world included life skills! Wow – that’s an insane idea huh. 

2 thoughts on “Grocery Trolleys

  1. Marielli says:

    I totally agree here if I go shopping I but some snacks but it’s all fruit pouches, veggie sticks or the occasional little packs of donuts or hello but not snacks like bags of chips, cookies or sugary candies I feel children learn from what there given so if the parent only gives them crap that’s all they’ll learn to eat and this is bad on the parents parent cause it’s affecting the child’s health and well being.

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    • authenticallysheen says:

      That’s exactly how I feel, the odd treat is ok. But when their lunchbox is stuffed full of junk how are they supposed to learn.
      I get that it’s quick and easy to throw packaged things in but I couldn’t live with myself if my daughters lunchbox was full of junk. The extra 5-10 mins a day spent chopping up fruit and veggies is well worth it!

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