Not my monkeys, not my circus! 

It’s my favourite saying at the moment … “Not my monkeys, not my circus!”. I find that I can use it in all aspects of my life – lol except for when it is my 2 year old monkey and then it is my circus! 

As a working parent I feel that the perspective I bring to my job has shifted considerably from my pre-child self. I’m not sure how describe the shift, perhaps it’s more patience, empathy or understanding… Maybe it’s the ability not to get dragged into drama or avoiding drama completely. 

I joked with a colleague yesterday as we read an email, I said how much do you wish you’d won the lottery last night? She agreed. The response to the email would be “not my monkeys, not my circus” and on that note you’d probably need to pack your things and leave!! Lol 

I guess the reality is i can’t “use it” everyday (out aloud) but if I think it in my head then at least it makes me giggle! Then I get on with the monkey training. 

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