Kids are always listening! 

A few weeks back I shared a story about our commute to daycare/work where my Miss 2.5 in the backseat of the car had been listening to the news and caught me off guard with a question which I never would have anticipated a 2 year old asking. 

Surprise surprise today she was listening again, perhaps I really should be playing The Wiggles (as she likes to tell me!) 

So I must have been entirely zoned out driving along when Miss 2.5 asks me if everyone has arms?  I had no idea where the question was coming from… Queue thinking on my feet, pre-caffeine, how is the best way to answer this question… My response “umm.. most people have arms, why’s that?” 

She starts telling me she thinks I’m right because she has arms, I have arms, daddy has arms, her friends have arms… And so on, until we roll up at school and she changes the topic to the spider who lives in the tree in the carpark. Phew! 

As I’m walking out of the classroom I can’t help but wonder where the f did that come from? 

Next minute I turn on the car, the radio starts and I realise its Body acceptance week on the radio station I listen to and this morning they were speaking to people who had amputations and limb differences! Shit I think to myself, they are really listening to everything, all… the…. time! 


What would you like for Mothers Day? 

That’s the question my husband asked me this afternoon. 

I’ll set the scene before I explain the rest of our conversation and how it went down. I’m 27 weeks pregnant, we have a 2 year old, I work full time, it’s summer and the humidity at the moment is killing me. Bring on winter is all I can say. 

So any Mum will attest being asked what they’d like for Mothers Day is awesome because we can ask for something that’s selfishly for us, something we wouldn’t buy for ourselves. 

A few weeks back I made the mistake of going into a store which I should not have gone into. Mostly because it’s a shop I loved pre-child with my disposable income. So I quickly responded to his question with “a handbag”. His immediate response was “I was thinking of getting you some personal training sessions”. 

[insert WT..actual..FUCK] what kind of monster did I marry?! Surprisingly enough I didn’t loose my shit right then and there. I stewed on it for a few hours before telling him how insulting that was. 

He has now realised what a ginormous fuck up that was. 

Logistics of Labour! 

It’s amusing comparing the difference between preparing for your first baby and second. 

For the first I was at home, ready for it any time from 38 weeks, our nursery ready, car seat installed, husband purposely planning his work to be within 30 minutes of home in case labour started on a weekday. 

Second time round, we are nearing the end of our second trimester and it’s time to start co ordinating!  The priorities seem so different. I know what we actually need for our baby, we can focus on just the important stuff. The major stressor for me was what we would do with our 2 year old. It feels as though that’s much more under control now with a plan in place. My husbands role has changed since our first baby and it’s common for him to travel into the city and for there to be major delays on the highway (all the time) so that’s something entirely out of my control! Here’s hoping he can juggle things around to avoid having to travel! 

The thing that kicked off my need to logistically plan – for the most inconvenient time of the day (for labour to start) was our midwife told me to prepare for a 3.5hr labour… Considering they want us to labour at home for 1hr to ensure the contractions are consistent and labour is established. Then there’s the 30 minute drive to the hospital and last time there were no parks! I’m not even joking! I made my husband drive laps around the block to wait for a park to be available! 

When it boils down to it going into labour for the second time is weirdly exciting for me, because last time, aside from the parking situation (which now is a little bit funny) things went well and it was a really positive experience. 

If anything I hope it happens overnight or early in the morning or on a weekend! 

On Authenticity…. 

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile or if this is your first time reading (thanks & welcome) you will know that I’m constantly striding to be my most authentic self. 

I remember one of the very first blogs I stumbled across was a Mom    Amber who wrote from her heart about her struggle with post natal depression, it was insightful, honest and authentic, it was also inspiring. It led to months of deliberation as to how I could express what I thought and be ‘ok’ with putting it out there. {Check out Amber’s blog “when depression creeps into motherhood”  Read it here! }  

It’s amazing the connections we make in the virtual world through authenticity and today it’s got me thinking, how do we encourage our real life peers to be their most honest selves? How do we get people to see that by them showing us their imperfect self it leads us to love them even more? 

For example, there’s another working Mum who I’m becoming friends with, last night we ‘bonded’ over our untidy homes and how our friends need to overlook this when they visit!  In reality they probably aren’t that bad, but we’ve made the conscious decision to leave constantly tidying for spending precious time with our kids.  

It gets me thinking, when we have these REAL interactions with people and friends, how much better does it leave us feeling? I love it. But then how are we best to approach friends who aren’t being real? You know the people who present their lives like everything is perfect 24/7 – when we all know that having kids, toddlers or babies is not plain sailing all the time, there’s ups and downs and it’s all normal. 

So how do you encourage real and authenticity in your relationships?