Kids are always listening! 

A few weeks back I shared a story about our commute to daycare/work where my Miss 2.5 in the backseat of the car had been listening to the news and caught me off guard with a question which I never would have anticipated a 2 year old asking. 

Surprise surprise today she was listening again, perhaps I really should be playing The Wiggles (as she likes to tell me!) 

So I must have been entirely zoned out driving along when Miss 2.5 asks me if everyone has arms?  I had no idea where the question was coming from… Queue thinking on my feet, pre-caffeine, how is the best way to answer this question… My response “umm.. most people have arms, why’s that?” 

She starts telling me she thinks I’m right because she has arms, I have arms, daddy has arms, her friends have arms… And so on, until we roll up at school and she changes the topic to the spider who lives in the tree in the carpark. Phew! 

As I’m walking out of the classroom I can’t help but wonder where the f did that come from? 

Next minute I turn on the car, the radio starts and I realise its Body acceptance week on the radio station I listen to and this morning they were speaking to people who had amputations and limb differences! Shit I think to myself, they are really listening to everything, all… the…. time! 

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