Just you wait

It has to be the most annoying thing someone can say to a Mumma-of-two-to-be.  Seriously does that phrase ever follow with anything positive? In my experience, it doesn’t. 

On the verge of 39w of baking baby 2 and my normal non suffering fools self has even less tolerance. Yes, I realise shit is about to get real, yes I know I thought I was busy with one, yes I know life is about to get crazy. But you know what… What parent to be hasn’t already thought that in their own mind, or talked about it with their partner, husband or wife. No one goes into parenting thinking this is going to be a breeze. 

But what if we go into it with a more positive mindset. I seriously think I would give a stranger the biggest hug if instead of “just you wait blah blah *something negative*” they said “just you wait , you will not believe how full of love your heart will be, or how much joy 2 children can bring” 

I realise shits about to get real. I realise we don’t have a village, it’s just us. But I believe in myself and our ability to be a great parents. Hell if I do say so myself I’m rather impressed with the job I’ve done so far with Miss 2. So if we have faith in ourselves, try our best each day and go into it with a positive mindset aren’t we already ahead?! 

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