Excess – Mum Life #1

Being excessive, it’s something I’ve been accused of. Loving things that are excessive. It came as a shock. First it was the unnecessary birthday party for my daughter, next it was liking an expensive children’s boutique. 

It’s a funny thing perception. A persons perception of how things are, or how a person is. 

Initially I stepped back and analyzed why someone would have a problem with me throwing a birthday for my child. The conclusion I drew was perhaps they didn’t want to do a birthday party for their own child and felt they in some way needed to justify that decision. The thing that people would understand if they actually got to know me is that I roll to the beat of my own drum, and Im not likely to cast judgement on what someone does or doesn’t do, we are all on our own unique journeys. It puzzled me why someone would have a problem with something I chose to do, sure I had a newborn baby, sure I made an effort to cook food and make a cake but again that’s just me, I like to challenge myself and I like nothing more than hosting – something we used to do in our pre child days ALL THE TIME! It’s funny how doing something we love for someone we love could be seen as excessive. I mean when Miss 3 asked if we could have a bouncy castle or unicorns (ponys dressed up as unicorns) I drew the line. 

The liking a particular store blew me away. I bet if I was to ask 100 women if they liked a particular brand of handbag they’d say yes, that’s not to say they would all go to that store on a regular basis and make a purchase. *shakes head* I was actually dumbfounded that something so trivial could be turned against me in such a negative way. 

Excess..or being excessive is not something I would classify myself as. I sniff out bargains like a drug sniffer dog, I worked out today it has been 5 months since I last had my hair cut or coloured. That my friends is not being excessive! 

I wonder how our world would be for us Queens if we all just decided to get on with our own lives, be happy with the decisions we made, supported one and other on this crazy journey. 

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