Information Age Moms

If there’s one thing I learned from becomming a mother that some women’s insecurities are loud especially when it comes to parenthood. 

The beauty of parenting in the point in time that we are now is that we have a world of information available to us at the touch of a button. But I wonder, does the reading and the research get in the way of instincts? Does following the “guide to getting your baby to sleep thru the night” and similar ideas prevent mothers from following their own instincts and mothering their own way? 

Being a Mum we gravitate towards other mothers we can relate and usually on any given day it’s likely we’ll have the same struggles. I just can’t help but wonder in the Information Age we are in if mothers are confident in following their own instincts or if somehow all this information makes for less secure women trying to do everything they can, with all the information they can gather become less confident in their own ability to parent their own children. 

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