Solo Long Haul Mission 

Hit me traveling mummas & papas with your tips/ideas/recommendations… 

Here’s my predicament.. 

I’ll be traveling solo with my “little miss will be 6 months” during the holiday season, long haul from the Australian east coast to the American east coast. Sounds like fun eh! 

So I’m keen for your thoughts/ideas. 

Normally I would be keen to have a stopover each way or fly the cheapest route but since time is of the essence – I want as much time with my family at my destination I’m looking for the easiest/most time efficient/baby friendly journey – is there a thing? I’ll let you know in January – ha ha. 

Ideas on how to secure a bassinet – airlines you’ve had luck with getting one. 

Little miss is breastfed – but doesn’t nurse to sleep and won’t nurse with a cover – tips please! 

Our GP has also recommended against the use of phenergan 👎🏼👎🏼 
So please hit me with your route ideas/airlines/ airports you love for baby facilities/ b-feeding onboard (I know about up & down) oh and any tips you have for going from mid summer to mid winter – and I mean real winter, this kid has never experience actual cold weather ☃

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