Cups of Tea

I read an interesting blog the other day and it got me thinking. The main message was that you may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s ok. 

It’s an interesting way to frame it. It made me think of actual tea and how my mood determines what kind of tea I’m after at that moment, and the same goes for the people I surround myself with, there’s the core group, but within the group there’s the chamomile – the person you know that will help chill you down, the fruity ice tea – the person whose always good fun even if it’s just on a summers day and the black tea – the staple go to on a daily basis. 

It made me think of those teas that you take a sip and think straight away, that ones not one for me. And we’ve all had those moments when meeting people. I guess the point of view I’d never considered before was that I may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s confronting. Being ok with that may be a gradual process. It’s a great prospective to have and to refer back to. 

Food for thought. 

<insert witty tea reference … nope I’ve got nothing šŸ˜‚>


Mothers Group for 1

I sit here in a cafe ordering a muffin and a coffee, we’re going to call this morning Mothers group for 1. As a second time Mum I was unsure if I needed a mothers group because I’d been there and done that. It turns out you’re never too experienced to get something out of a new tribe of women. 

Today though when my little one woke with a runny nose I knew the catch up planned wasn’t going to work. As a second time Mum I know kids get sick, it seems like they get sick often! But I won’t be the Mum that exposes a bunch of baby’s to germs – even though the chances are they’ll get sick soon too – from someone else’s bugs. I don’t want the new mums cursing me at midnight as they tend to their snuffled up babe. 

So I sit here with my coffee and muffin hoping my babe will fall asleep in her pram, thinking one of the big differences between new mums and second mums is the “rush”. The first time mums have been keen to try activities with the mothers group. Whereas I’m keen for now for the mothers group to be about the mums, coffee and catch ups, bubs sleeping in prams or playing with toys on the grass. If the kids aren’t on the move why not lap up these waning weeks and let the catch ups be for us. As not a new Mum I know that once the kids are on the move the game changes and then life is all about keeping our babes happy and entertained. But for now let’s be selfish, let’s let these mornings be for us, god knows having company one morning a week is something to look forward to, let’s not hurry this stage of mummyhood. 

So today with my babe and her runny nose, we will sit and chill in a cafe, babe sleeping in her pram and mumma in blogging land, lapping it up.