Shock & Horror! 

Little Miss 2 & I attended her first dentist appointment yesterday. It was moved forward because the night before I’d found a big chip out of one of her teeth. Cue sad face and the worry that her gorgeous little face with a perfect set of baby teeth would now be more like a hillbilly. 

Isn’t it funny when your childless you can easily get thru the supermarket or sitting in a waiting room without a conversation with a stranger. But as soon as you have a baby or child that all changes. 

We are happily sitting in the waiting room chatting to each other about what we can see and what was about to happen, when a middle aged woman who had overheard us speak with the receptionist asked me if she had chipped her tooth? And how that had happened. Without thinking I said it had happened at Daycare (#thetruth). 

So firstly, it wasn’t until after the conversation I thought – what the hell?! That wasn’t the end. 

Her face turned up like she’d just smelt off milk as I said daycare. Then made a “oh those irresponsible carers” look, followed by insisting on knowing which centre it was. 

For anyone with a toddler, you’ll know how crazy toddlers are and the things they get up to, it could have happened anytime. It really annoys me that people feel they need to be like that about daycare and implying that because I’m not angry that there’s something wrong with me – ha ha. The final clincher… Her comment that it’ll now cost me! I couldn’t help myself at this point, “oh it won’t be too bad”, followed by fixing up the bill while she was still waiting in the waiting room – and it not costing a thing due to our health insurance. 

So to the middle aged woman who was judgy and negative – and who also tried to scare me two year old at her first appointment by saying how “scary” the dentist is, I hope you enjoyed seeing my happy little poppet leave the dental surgery totally ecstatic with her new toothbrush, balloon and sticker after having a cool ride in the dentists chair, and seeing a relaxed mumma just go with the flow. 

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